Gemini Music Programs

Our music programs offer scalable and progressively challenging options for musicians at just about any pre-college level. It is not uncommon for Gemini students to represent their own schools at events like LIFSA and SCMEA, sometimes even as principals, but this is not a requirement to gain membership to GYO.

Rather, membership in all GYO programs is determined by audition. Students are not re-auditioned each year unless they wish to move to a different ensemble; however, they are required to continue their private studies throughout each school year and summer to maintain membership.

The full Gemini Youth program consists of the following ensembles:

Gemini Youth Symphony (GYS)

GYO's premier group, the Gemini Youth Symphony is open to students performing at NYSSMA level 6+ through All State. Concert literature is selected from the classic standard repertoire in original editions, which is at once demanding and rewarding for the superior student musician. GYS also occasionally performs new compositions and/or works with professional soloists. Membership is limited to approximately 85 students. The GYS is conducted by Harry Marenstein.

Gemini Philharmonia

The Gemini Philharmonia is an intermediate preparatory orchestra open to string, wind, and percussion players at NYSSMA levels 5 and 6. The primary musical literature of the Philharmonia consists of standard classic repertoire in original editions. The Philharmonia also occasionally performs new compositions and is directed by acclaimed conductor-composer-violinist Matthew Pierce.

Gemini String Orchestra (GSO)

The Gemini String Orchestra introduces students to string ensemble playing with a professional conductor. Young musicians performing at NYSSMA levels 4 and 5 receive intensive technical instruction and preparation for future work in the more advanced groups. GSO literature is selected primarily from arrangements and transcriptions of both popular and classic repertoire, although in some cases original editions are performed. Membership is limited to approximately 75 students. The GSO is led by Dr. Andrew Perea.

Gemini Concert Winds (GCW)

Gemini Concert Winds is comprised of woodwind, brass, and percussion students, many of whom also participate in either the GYS or Philharmonia Orchestras. GCW is open to musicians performing at NYSSMA levels 4, 5, and 6, and performs both classical and contemporary standard band repertoire. Membership is limited to approximately 50 students. The GCW is conducted by Michael Canipe.

Gemini Repertory Orchestra

The Gemini Repertory Orchestra is designed to introduce young string students to the fundamentals of posture, technique, sound production, and ensemble playing. Smaller than other GYO ensembles, Repertory provides musicians with a strong foundation for a lifetime of music-making for Level 3 and strong level 2 musicians. The Gemini Repertory Orchestra is led by Dr. Andrew Perea.