Our Ensembles

The Gemini Youth Orchestras (“GYO”) is a five-ensemble instrumental music program dedicated to providing an engaging and rigorous artistic environment for pre-college musicians. Our staff ---comprised entirely of conservatory-trained veteran musicians and educators--- are devoted to encouraging the whole musician, developing the individual and collective orchestral ability of the students, and elevating their musical understanding in the context of ensemble playing.

Membership in all groups is determined by audition. Students are not re-auditioned each year unless they wish to be considered for participation in a different group; however, they are required to continue their studies throughout each year to maintain membership. NYSSMA scores referenced in the descriptions below are only a guideline.

The GYO program consists of the following ensembles:

Gemini Youth Symphony (GYS)

The Gemini Youth Symphony is a full symphonic orchestra open to the most advanced students in GYO. The Youth Symphony performs a wide variety of repertoire across a multitude of eras and styles, with particular focus on the large symphonic repertory of the 19th and 20th centuries. While NYSSMA scores are not a factor in admission to GYS, students wishing to audition should play at a Level 6/All-State equivalent.

Gemini Philharmonia

The Gemini Philharmonia is a preparatory symphonic orchestra open to string, wind, and percussion players at NYSSMA levels 5 or 6. The primary musical literature of the Philharmonia consists of standard classic repertoire in original editions. The Philharmonia also performs new compositions.

Gemini String Orchestra (GSO)

The Gemini String Orchestra introduces students to string ensemble playing. Musicians performing at NYSSMA levels 4-6 receive intensive technical instruction and prepare for the symphonic orchestras. Literature is selected primarily from original editions, although in some cases arrangements are performed.

Gemini Concert Winds (GCW)

The Gemini Concert Winds is comprised of woodwind, brass and percussion students, some of whom also perform in GYS. It is open to musicians performing at NYSSMA levels 3 to 6. GCW performs both classical and lighter fare, usually in original form.

Gemini Repertory Orchestra

The Gemini Repertory Orchestra is designed to introduce string students to the fundamentals of ensemble playing. GRO provides musicians with the foundation for a lifetime of music making and success in future Gemini orchestras.