Additional Audition Information

What to Prepare...

Prepare a solo selection to illustrate you musicality as well as technical skill. Selections may include solo literature, etudes, or appropriate orchestral excerpts. Many students choose to perform their NYSSMA selection. Selections do not need to be memorized. No accompanist is provided, nor required!

Auditions will include a demonstration of your knowledge of scales and may include level-appropriate sight reading of rhythms and/or music.

The Day of Your Audition...

Please be sure to arrive at the audition location at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Your audition will be approximately ten minutes in length.

Student placement in GYO ensembles is competitive and ranked in order of artistic quality.

These qualities include: superiority of tone, technical ability, intonation, vibrato, dynamic contrast, range, articulation, musicality, phrasing, rhythmic skill, artistic expression, style, and overall accuracy.

Meeting the requirements of an orchestra does not guarantee placement.